TR/ST, supported by fellow Canadians Police Des Moeurs, brought their blend of electro-goth down from Toronto to Bushwick, debuting at the recently relocated House of Yes. There is no new album to promote, but that didn’t stop the show from being absolutely packed.

At no point in the show were there more than three people on stage (or even a guitar)—both acts, however, created a large sound that easily filled the entire hall typically reserved for parties.

Police Des Moeurs.

The Knife

The Knife’s sold-out tour for Shaking the Habitual culminated in a generously-long set, complete with 11 people on stage at virtually all times. Wearing space-age jumpsuits—some playing instruments, some simply dancing—it was a spectacle to behold, even between songs.

Breaking up the dizzying commotion of aerobics-inspired dance set to heart-poundingly electronic music was a spoken-word piece, mid-set. As The Knife is wont to do, very little of the set looked behind; it was mostly cut from this new album. Fans didn’t seem to mind in the slightest.

Andrew WK

Andrew WK, with the Calder Quartet, played a fascinating “alt-classical” show at Le Poisson Rouge this past Sunday (1/8). WK revamped and reworked some of his own catalogue for the evening. For an almost equal part, the set consisted of classical compositions by Cage, Bach, and Philip Glass.

It was a “Mom & Dad are in town” no-brainer, leading to a very mixed-age audience.